Rainbow Colour Sorter

How to make a Rainbow Colour Sorter


Baebe Mailing Box
Scrap Cardboard approx. 2cm x 20cm
Kebab Skewer*
Paint and Brushes
Pop Sticks
Washi Tape to match paint colours
Box Cutter
*Or similar sharp object to poke holes

How pretty is this Rainbow Colour Sorter? This kind of activity is brilliant for extending your mini's focus and concentration skills, as they try to match up the craft sticks to the corresponding arch of the rainbow. As they play, children will work on fine motor skills, cognitive function, colour matching, hand strength and grip as they rotate the craft sticks to press them into their spots (hurrah!).

Before we get started, if your mailing box has lots of tape and shipping labels you may want to turn it inside out. To do this, simply open the lid, then unfold the front panel carefully so as not to rip the box. Turn the flattened box over so that the white side is facing up, then fold the creases back the other way to remake the box with the brown side facing out. 

Step 1

Take the scrap piece of cardboard and use the ruler and pencil to mark a series of dots in a straight line down the centre. Make the first mark at one end, then the second 2cm away from the first. Then repeat the following pattern: 2cm, 1cm until you are 16cm away from the first dot.

 Rainbow Colour Sorter - Step 1

Step 2

Use a kebab skewer or a sharp pointed object to pierce through the cardboard at the marks. You’ve just made a makeshift compass, look at you go mama!

Rainbow Colour Sorter - Step 2

Step 3

Position the compass on the top of the box so that the first hole is centred horizontally and about 3 cm from the bottom. Use the kebab skewer to push through the first hole into the box slightly to hold it in place, this will be the pivot point. Grab a pencil and gently push the tip through each hole, using the pivot to draw a series of arcs on the box to create the rainbow.

Rainbow Colour Sorter - Step 3a

Rainbow Colour Sorter - Step 3b

Step 4

Paint each of the arcs a different colour, leaving an unpainted gap between and allow to dry.

Rainbow Colour Sorter - Step 4a

Step 5

While the paint is drying, take the pop sticks and cover them in washi tape. Use as many pop sticks as you like for each colour, we used 3 for our smallest arc and 9 for the largest. If you don’t have washi tape, you can also try using dot stickers or painting your pop sticks or even markers!

Rainbow Colour Sorter - Step 5b

Step 6

Lastly, use a box cutter to create some slots in the rainbow and just like that, you’re ready to get pop stick posting, yay!

Rainbow Colour Sorter - Step 6

Baebe Rainbow Sorter - Finished

Adult supervision is a must for all arts & crafts projects. Some craft items, particularly pom poms, lids and small toys, are potential choking hazards for young children. Keep a close eye on your mini and intervene as necessary to prevent potential safety problems.

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