Busy Box

How to make a Busy Box


Baebe Mailing Box
3 x Wipes Lids
Bubble Wrap*
Corrugated Cardboard*
Hot Glue Gun (or PVA glue)
4 x Toilet Paper Roll
Washi Tape or Paint
Box Cutter
Pouch Lids 
*Or any textured materials you have around the house

Busy boxes are always a lot of fun and this version has plenty of reasons to be excited. As they explore, your mini will learn all about the world around them. Having the textured pieces hidden under the flaps adds an extra surprise whilst developing the fundamental concept of object permanence. The tubes invite children to drop in smaller items, working on fine motor skills, colour sorting and spatial concepts such as empty/full, in/out, big/small.

Before we get started, if your mailing box has lots of tape and shipping labels you may want to turn it inside out. To do this, simply open the lid, then unfold the front panel carefully so as not to rip the box. Turn the flattened box over so that the white side is facing up, then fold the creases back the other way to remake the box with the brown side facing out.

Step 1

Cut your textured materials to fit inside your wipes lids and then hot glue them into place. If you don’t have hot glue, PVA glue will also work but will take longer to dry.

Busy Box - Step 1

Step 2

Glue your wipe lids to the top of the mailing box, making sure to leave enough room at the back to fit your posting tubes.

Busy Box - Step 2a

Busy Box - Step 2b

Step 3

Add colour to the toilet paper rolls using washi tape, Yass! Washi tape is a quick, no fuss way to decorate but feel free to get creative and use markers, paint etc. Alternatively, you can opt to leave your tubes plain for an a-la natural feel.

Busy Box - Step 3a

Step 4

Trace around the toilet paper rolls with a pencil on the top of the box, then cut around the circles with a box cuter.

Busy Box - Step 4

Step 5

Push the toilet paper rolls into the holes and voilà, ready for some pouch lid posting!

Busy Box - Step 5

Baebe Busy Box - Finished

Adult supervision is a must for all arts & crafts projects. Some craft items, particularly pom poms, lids and small toys, are potential choking hazards for young children. Keep a close eye on your mini and intervene as necessary to prevent potential safety problems.

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