Little moments. Big feels.

Baby books, journals and accessories, made for modern mamas

We see you, mama. Over there doing all the things.

And somewhere between the plate-spinning and the ball-juggling, the endless distractions and the cold cups of coffee, we want to help you slow down and connect with that precious little human you made.

Because we’ve been there too. We know that motherhood is full of awesome ups and difficult downs and everything in between. And while you wouldn’t change it for the world, we also know how crazy-fast this time goes by.

We’re here to make sure you don’t miss a moment.

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Baby journal and miscellaneous baby accessories

Baby Books, Journals and Accessories For a Super-Mama Like You

We get it. We’ve got you.

With little squishes of our own, we understand how important it is to stop and capture those magical baby milestones - the ones that are guaranteed to make you all teary-eyed in the years to come.

You know, like their first word (best. day. ever!), that first cheeky grin (they totes gets that sass from you), and their very first step that lets you know they’re on their way to becoming a big kid (ok, now we’re sobbing!).

But in a world filled with distractions, it can be all too easy to let those special moments slip by. Cue the mama guilt! 

Baebe decided enough was enough…

Designed by mamas, for mamas

Here’s the problem. The baby journals and photo books we saw on the market just weren’t cutting it for us style-conscious mamas with our modern-day families. 

Pink for a girl and blue for a boy?? Thanks, but no thanks! We’ll skip the old-fashioned gender stereotypes in favour of something a little more contemporary!

So, we figured it was time to give the humble baby journal a big ol’ glow-up. 

Think sleek, chic and modern, with a minimalist design you can make your own. After all, who says baby stuff has to be boring?

Sentimental AND stylish? Yep, that’s our vibe.

With our range of gorgeous baby books, cute-as keepsakes and oh-so-on-trend accessories, we bring some serious style cred to recording those special moments in your baby’s first years.

Plus, because we know you’re super-busy, we’ve made it simple as can be to get this sh** done and - awesome bonus - actually really enjoy it! No time-consuming filling out or essay-length prompts - instead, we’ve cherry-picked the most memorable moments we just know you’ll want to treasure forever.

We’ve taken care of it all mama. We’ve got your back!

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