Handy ideas for reusing our packaging

Wait, don’t go throwing out the packaging your awesome Baebe goodies came in! We’ve got a bunch of nifty tricks and ideas for reusing your box, book bag, and other packaging bits.

“Why the hell would I wanna do that?” we hear you ask. 

Well, for starters it’s a great way of showing some love to the planet by repurposing your packaging rather than chucking it out. Yayy to that!

And lastly, while your little mini is busy getting creative with their new ‘toy’, you can take a bit of time to relax (nice!)…put your feet up (gasp!)…and maybe even enjoy an actual HOT coffee for once (can you imagine?!).

creative ideas that don’t cost you your sanity

Fear not, mama! Our how-to guides are so simple and the projects so quick to assemble, that even the least crafty among us can totally nail them.

So you get an awesome activity that your munchkins will love, without it taking up all the hours in your already busy day.

Go check out our how-tos and thank us later ;-)

Check out our latest reuse ideas

Hungry Lion

Hungry Lion

To start your lion, use the pencil to draw a large circle on the top of the box. Next add 2 semi circles for ears at the top of the circle. To crea...

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How to make a busy box

Busy Box

Add colour to the toilet paper rolls using washi tape, Yass! Washi tape is a quick, no fuss way to decorate but feel free to get creative and use m...

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Rainbow Colour Sorter

Rainbow Colour Sorter

While the paint is drying, take the pop sticks and cover them in washi tape. Use as many pop sticks as you like for each colour, we used 3 for our ...

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One bag, one hundred uses*

You’ll notice our gorgeous baby journals come in an equally gorgeous cotton drawstring bag - aka your new favourite accessory! Yeah yeah, we know it’s not exactly a Prada handbag, but this super-cute bag has sooo many awesome uses.

Liiike… a kids busy bag for the car or cafe (if you know, you know), holding the kids’ swim gear or spare clothes, acting as an emergency nappy kit, storing stray toys, shoe bag, acting as a canvas for creative kids…seriously, is there anything this little bag can’t do?

*Ok, we haven’t actually been counting, but it must be pretty close!

Did a Cool Thing? Come Share!

We love love love seeing how you turn our humble packaging into magical works of art. 

If you’ve whipped up an epic creation and are super-proud of your handiwork (as you should be!), share the love by showing it off on socials and give us a tag: