Ribbon / Scarf Pull

How to make Ribbon / Scarf Pull


Baebe Mailing Box
Box Cutter or Sharp Scissors
Ribbons OR Scarves
Heavy Book


Wooden Rings or Plastic Baby Links

This Ribbon/Scarf Pull Box is a great fine motor skills workout for little ones (including babies). In this simple activity, your mini’s concentration skills are improved as they explore the concept of cause and effect. Adding different textures to the ends of the ribbons will also enhance the sensory experience, as they feel or mouth their way around. Children are born investigators and love to figure out how things work. Their natural response is to pull at the ribbon and scarves to see what happens. No matter how many times they see the same result they continue to experiment and test their theories. Your mini will strengthen their little hand muscles and develop fine motor skills in this visually appealing game.

Before we get started, if your mailing box has lots of tape and shipping labels you may want to turn it inside out.  To do this, simply open the lid, then unfold the front panel carefully so as not to rip the box. Turn the flattened box over so that the white side is facing up, then fold the creases back the other way to remake the box with the brown side facing out. 

Step 1

Use a box cutter or sharp scissors to create slots in the top of the box around 2cm long. You will need 2 slots on opposite sides for every ribbon or scarf you wish to use. We made a total of 8 slots.

Ribbon / Scarf Pull - Step 1

Step 2

Open the box, then thread the ribbons or scarves through the slots so that each end pokes out of the top. Tie a thick knot in each end to stop them from pulling all the way through. If you like you can also tie on a wooden ring or plastic baby link to some of the ends for an extra grasping, sensory element.

Ribbon / Scarf Pull - Step 2a

Step 2 - variation for scarves

If you are using scarves, feel free to leave off the knots at the end to allow your little one the satisfaction of pulling the scarf completely free from the box! 

Ribbon / Scarf Pull - Step 2b

Step 3

Place a heavy book inside the box. This will give it some extra weight and prevent it from moving as much when your little one is exploring and pulling on the Ribbons or Scarves.

Ribbon / Scarf Pull - Step 3a

Ribbon / Scarf Pull - Step 3b

Step 4

Close up the box with the book inside and you’re ready to roll. Sit back, relax and enjoy that hot coffee mama, can we get a hell yeah?

Ribbon / Scarf Pull - Step 4aRibbon / Scarf Pull - Step 4b 

Adult supervision is a must for all arts & crafts projects. Some craft items, particularly pom poms, lids and small toys, are potential choking hazards for young children. Keep a close eye on your mini and intervene as necessary to prevent potential safety problems.

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