Get Your Bond On! Tips For Bonding With Your Mini

Ok mamas let talk bonding. it refers to the incredibly strong attachment you develop with your bub those feelings of intense love and protection that make feel super-connected close baby.

First things first, it’s important to be aware that bonding doesn’t always happen instantly and it isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. While some lucky mamas will experience it within the first few moments of birth, for others it can take a bit longer - and that’s totally normal and ok.

The good news is, there are a few simple techniques you can practice that will help with your bonding journey. From physical touch to pulling faces, playing with your mini or cuddling them during a feed, check out our easy tips for encouraging bonding with your little one.

skin deep

When it comes to bonding with your bub, skin-on-skin is where it’s at. Right from birth, that beautiful human touch is super-soothing for your baby and is an important part of the bonding experience between mama and bubba.

Take every opportunity to hold your mini nice and close against your body, getting lots of skin-to-skin contact for the ultimate closeness (it’s the best feeling in the world after all!). Include some gentle stroking against baby’s skin to make them feel calm, relaxed and connected with you.

feeding fun

Feeding time is the perfect chance to get in some bonding action with your little one. It doesn’t matter if you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding - simply aim to focus your attention on your baby and make lots of eye contact during the feeding process.

Creating a peaceful and calming feeding environment will help to promote feelings of closeness and connectedness, and will ensure bub feels all safe and relaxed in your presence. Happy bubba, happy mama!

get chatty

Ok, so even though your mini can’t understand a damn word you’re saying, chatting sweet nothings to your baby is actually a really good way of encouraging bonding. Bub will feel soothed hearing your voice and will pick up on your tone and vibe.

When you’re engaging in convos with your little one, have fun with your facial expressions too. From a big smile to a silly face, bubba will love watching your face change and will probably start responding with their own expressions and coos.

make time for playtime

Even the tiniest of bubs adore a play session - and it’s a fantastic way to bond and spend time with your little one. From singing songs to shaking a rattle, playing with your baby will help stimulate them and make them feel connected to you.

When engaging in playtime, think about all the ways you can activate your baby’s senses. For example, aim to give bub lots of different things to look at - those little eyes love exploring different colours, textures and objects! And mix it up when it comes to sounds too, for some audio stimulation bub will adore.

up close and personal

Having lots of lovely physical contact with your mini is an awesome way of building attachment and developing a strong connection. And let’s face it - squeezing those little cheeks and getting in all the cuddles is pretty damn special!

So don’t hold back on the kisses and squishes mama - getting nice and close to bub is a great way of making them feel attached to you and encouraging the parent-child bond to develop.

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