How to Prep Like a Pro for Bub's Arrival

So, the countdown to your mini’s arrival is on and you’re probably feeling a whole heap of different emotions right now. Excitement, anticipation, downright panic? It’s all good mama - this is a big deal and you’re allowed to feel all your feelings!

When it comes to welcoming a new bub into the world, doing a bit of forward planning can save you a whole lot of stress down the line - and can make the new mama journey a little easier. Check out our tips for prepping for bub’s arrival, so you can feel relaxed and ready to slay in your new role as an awesome mama.

get the fridge stocked

Trust us, the last thing you’re gonna want to do when you’re finally back home with your newborn is start cooking up a storm in the kitchen. At the same time, you really want to keep your body fuelled with fresh, healthy food so it can power through and recover from, you know, the fact it just pushed out a freakin baby!

With this in mind, get prepping a month or so beforehand and fill up the freezer and fridge with all the health-giving foods you can fit. Cook up double portions of your fave meals and whack them in the deep freeze, and stock up on easy-to-eat healthy snacks that you can reach for during those hectic first few weeks.

gather all your gear

Getting your hands on all the super-important baby gear you’ll need for your new bub will help ensure you’re ready to roll as soon as your little mini comes into the world. Some of the key items include:

  • An installed car seat
  • Nappies, baby wipes and nappy rash cream (Weleda is our fave!)
  • A crib or bassinet
  • Baby clothing
  • Nursing bras and pads if you’re planning to breastfeed
  • Baby bottles or formula if you’re bottle-feeding or formula-feeding

Look, don’t stress about buying every single item on the “new baby” list - focus on the essentials that will let you get your mama groove on in those first few days. You can chat to other mama friends about what they found most useful - and remember, online shopping is your friend!

know your tribe

Even the most super of super-mamas need a support network around them. Bringing home a newborn can be seriously overwhelming - and having your squad on-call to help with the stressful bits can make all the difference in those first few weeks and months.

As part of your pre-birth prep, sound out the people in your crew who you know you’ll want to turn to for help, advice, a cry or a rant. Whether it’s a mama friend or a family member, knowing you’ve got people in your corner ready to step in can give you much-needed peace of mind.

build a resource list

When you’re in the midst of baby brain and running on too-little sleep, having a list of the key resources to reach for in times of need can save you a lot of stress and panic. From your local emergency room to 24-hour pharmacies and local mama support programs, jot down the deets of those all-important facilities to grab when needed.

You can write an old-school physical list or pop it in a note on your phone or laptop. Just keep it somewhere handy so you can avoid having to do a desperate internet search in the unlikely event that a crisis arises. 

sleep every chance you get

Mamas, the new baby sleep deprivation is REAL! And while you’re floating through that initial new bub period in a happy but sleep-deprived haze, you’ll wish you could go back in time and get in some shut-eye before you had an adorable little mini whose main talent is disrupting your precious beauty sleep.

Getting in as much quality sleep as you can in the weeks leading up to your birth can help ensure your body is fully rested and not already running on empty by the time bub comes along. You might also want to make sure your sleeping situation is optimised beforehand (quality bedding, comfy pillows etc.) so you can sleep comfortably when you do get the chance.

figure out your birth plan

When it comes to the logistics of your birth, planning ahead can save you all kinds of headaches (and trust us, you’ll have enough on your plate!). Your healthcare provider will talk you through the whole labour process so you know what to do, but it’s good to have some of the finer details clear before it all kicks off.

For example, figure out who’s going to accompany you to the hospital and have a few back-ups on hand. Plan out your route, check the parking situation, and familiarise yourself with where to go so you’re not panicking when you get there. A little planning goes a long way mama!

“Welcome to the world mama. For you, too, have just been born.”

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